Why motivation matters and facts about success.


Firstly, let’s know what does motivation means, Why do we need it to keep going and working hard, and Why it doesn’t last till we achieve our goal. It happens a lot of times that we watch a motivational movie or video, and we instantly get motivated. But after few days or a week that spark of motivation disappears, right? But why does this happen? Let’s see.

What is a motivation: I searched this on google, and I got this, “A reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way”, “Motivation is the reason for people’s actions, desires, and needs. Motivation is also one’s direction to behavior, or what causes a person to want to repeat a behavior.” But who wants to know this, right? People want a solution, they want to know how to stay motivated every time, right? You will get the answer, keep reading.

Why do we need motivation: First of all, we all are humans. We feel bad, sad, we get hurt, and sometimes we feel depressed. In such circumstances, we need a spark of motivation to get back to work, to do something extraordinary. Think, If you are upset or not in a mood to do a thing, but anyhow you go and tries to do it. At such situation what happens is, after some time you start procrastinating because you’re not mentally active and motivated to do that thing. Motivation helps you to change your mood. It makes you mentally active and inspires you to work hard and to keep working.

Is motivation bad?: I have seen some people saying that motivation is bad because according to them, The more you’ll watch motivational videos, the more you will get addicted to it and you’ll spend more time listening than working in actual. Somewhere this is half true because you have to take actions in reality. But I’d say, motivation is like high protein food for your mind. It’s needed for high performance, for extraordinary efforts. So it means, motivation is best. Those who say, it’s bad for them I’d say probably you are not taking action and just listening to it. I watch motivational videos daily, they encourage me a lot, I get back to my work, and ends up with having better results. You should do the same!

Watch this video- Why Motivation Matters by Adrian Gostick.

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Be Powerful Enough To Achieve Success

  • Being mentally powerful is always better. Worse circumstances, Lack of financial condition, and Criticism can never be a reason for failure. A man is capable, to do more than his limits. If he has a strong desire to achieve, then he is unstoppable. All the circumstances that come in your life make you stronger. So be thankful for them and concentrate on life’s coming happiness. Learn to face your problems, grow beyond them and make your dreams come true. Nothing is more powerful in this world than your desire. Have a burning desire, believe in your goals and believe you will achieve them, Affirm and visualize your goal, feel you’re already in possession of it, dig deep in your field, be a master of that field, work hard and success will come to you because you deserve it.
  • I know one thing in my life that success is in my blood. I have suffered through a lot of pain and worse circumstances, but I never gave up because of them. I know that problems outside me are not stronger than the desire inside me. I have a strong desire to be successful, to help the world. Go and find out your burning desire. A burning desire is like a magic shield, a shield which will eat all excuses, negativity, problems, and will lead you to reach your goal. Do you know guys what Elon Musk says, ‘A failure is an option.’ It’s so true. Failure is necessary for you to grow. It will teach you, build you, and prepare you for the next hunt. Accept your circumstances, poor financial condition if you have so, criticism if you’re getting, problems you’re facing, and keep going. Maybe on the way to success, you’ll face many barriers but don’t stop until you reach your destination.
  • If you often feel you’re stuck between the stubble fields of life, then there could be a reason, “either you’re not obsessed with your goal, or you don’t have a goal.” If you’re living a life without having a purpose, then this feeling of stuckness will stay forever. But you have a goal, and still feels something like this, then the reason could be not having an obsession with work. If you’re not obsessed, don’t like your job, and still doing it then it’s all waste. You’ll never feel excited to work, to put extra efforts, and it will result in low performance. You guys must know, “If you want something, you should give something.” In return for success, give your time and efforts. And the solution to get rid of this feeling is to be committed to your goal, be obsessed with them.
  • The biggest powerful thing you have is an ability to read. All the highly successful people are obsessed with reading. Bill Gates read one book a week, Warren Buffet read for five hours a day, Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk are great readers. Elon Musk is a self-taught programmer, a self-taught rocket scientist, can you believe it?
    Books are the medium for happiness, health and wealth. There are so many great books out there which can change your life. And those books are written by those who have been successful in their own life. Books share real-life experiences they teach you the things that you didn’t learn in school or college. Read books and gain wisdom. Helping yourself to grow is the best work you’ll ever do. So read, read, and read.
  • Affirm and visualize you are happy and are in possession of what you want. Say thanks and be grateful for those things. All the hard work and time you have invested in the work will pay off in the end. Be faithful to your dreams, have patience and everything will be good. Your efforts, time will not go waste. You will reach your destination because you have proven that you deserve it by working hard.#tbt.png

Let’s Dive In More

We all want to get success in life, but we also know that it demands some qualities. Qualities that you must possess, if you don’t then maybe success will never come to you. Qualities like Strong mindset, positive thinking, success-oriented, commitment toward work, dedication toward work, willingness, and faith in yourself. As Napoleon Hill said in his book, “Think and Grow Rich” The success comes to those who become success conscious. While being success conscious, means your mind should be fed by success thoughts. You must believe that success will come to you, you must have a vision, desire, and enough courage to achieve that desire.
Let’s discuss some steps which should be implemented.


  • Know Your Why: I was going to write this point, As ‘having a goal but later I changed my mind because having a goal is not as motivating as knowing the why. It means why you want to achieve your goal, what are the reasons behind it, why are you so willing to do it, and answers to this question will be a “beast mode” button for you. Because whenever you’ll get distracted, you can remind yourself of your why and this why will get you go back to work. This, “why” will work as a “beast mode” button for you. Remember, this why must be strong, true and faithful.
    What is your why?.
  • A Clear Goal Setting: Have a clear goal-setting. Write down everything about your goal. In addition to that write this list too.
    1) What you exactly want.
    2) How much you want to earn.
    3) How much is required to satisfy you?
    4) How much time and efforts it will take?
    5) Are you able to give what it takes?
    6) And in return for success, what you intend to give?
    Answers to all these questions should be honest. I’d say “The clear the goal you have, the easy it will be to accomplish.”
  • Planning And Taking Actions: In my blog, How To Get Back To Work When You Are Feeling Tired. I have told almost everything about planning and taking actions. So please go and read this. In addition to that, I’d say, both planning and taking actions, are vital points. They both carry equal importance, so do them wisely. Study your work carefully, organize it, and divide into small parts.Make a stand. (2).png
    Credits go to Brian Tracy’s book, “Eat that frog.”
    Start taking actions on your goals. Hope this infographic will be helpful.
  • Self-Discipline: Pay attention to the point, it’s not that discipline that we had to follow in our school or our elders has been telling from childhood. It’s the discipline to work on your goals, set priorities, be committed, work with dedication, invest your time and efforts, in short, do and give whatever the success demands. If you do so, then only you deserve to be called a Self-Disciplined person. Remember a Self-Disciplined person always wins because he knows what success wants. Don’t forget that time is money, respect your time and do your work.
  • Have Faith: Have faith in yourself. Believe in your dreams, goals, plans, actions, and trust the process. “Success will come to you because you have given your best, do not worry just trust the process.” Keep hopes with you, and those hopes will bring satisfaction. Trust the words of “Napoleon Hill” that he mentioned in his book that, “Faith is the head chemist of mind.” Thanks to science, there is a scientific formula to develop a strong faith and that is, “Repetition of thoughts.” Feed your mind with positive and successful thoughts, and success will come to you as you start working on your goals.

    I hope you just got something useful after reading this blog. Do share if you really liked. And leave your opinions on what you think about it.

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  1. Hi,

    I found your words really inspiring. I truly believe that having positive thoughts, visualize your goals and put all the effort you have can really make you reach your goals. These things really helped me many times but the bigger your goal become, the bigger is the effort you have to put and many people give up! I think another importatn aspect is perseverance to make great things!

    Great blog by the way, if you have some time i would be happy if you give me an opinion on my first blog post on http://www.travelforlandscape.com/.

    Keep working,


    1. Sure I will… Thanks for your lovely words. I am glad that you just found something helpful and inspirational.

  2. Great post, I firmly believe in the self-discipline bullet point, it is a key (if not the most important key) to maintaining ones self.

  3. I love your blog! Thanks for reaching out to our family blog… we look forward to learning more about you! ❤️

    1. That’s great! I am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for taking out your time to read this blog. Have a nice day!

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