Think And Grow Rich Principles

The author “Napoleon Hill” spent 25 years of his life interviewing all the wealthy & highly successful people, and then he wrote this book.

Here it is:
Think And Grow Rich

Short Explanation of All Think And Grow Rich Principles:

1. Have a burning desire:

First of all, your goal needs to be a burning desire in your life. Having a wish is not going to fulfill your dreams. In the way towards your goal, there will be many obstacles, but you don’t have to give up. And therefore, the only thing, which will motivate you in this path, is your burning desire.

2. Have Faith:

Whatever your goal is, you need to have faith in it. You need to have faith, hope, that in the end, it will all work out great. Hence, on the way towards success, the only thing which is going to keep you positive is this, Faith.

3. Giving The Right Suggestion To Your Mind:

In the book, this principle is named, Auto-suggestion. I just changed it here so you can understand it in the first see. There are two types of suggestion, one is auto-suggestion, and the second is hetero-suggestion.
Hetero-suggestion means when someone else’s thoughts or suggestions enter in your mind. You listen to them and believe in it. Auto-suggestion is expressing suggestions to your subconscious mind. It is used to make a good affirmation and positive attitude.

4. Be The Expert In Your Field

You need to have specialized knowledge of your profession. Without sufficient knowledge, things are not going to work as you dreamed about it.

5. Imagine Your Goal, and feel it’s a reality

In this principle of Imagination, the author is almost talking about the power of visualization. And how it can help you to become rich, and successful.
Example, If you want to become a blogger, then start vividly imagining yourself as a blogger. Feel the reality of it, how your life will be, your friends congratulating you on your success, imagine your blog post ranking on top of the google, people are reading, sharing, and commenting on it. Therefore, do this every day, and feel it’s a reality.

6. Plan Properly, And Work On It

Planning is a vital factor when it comes to achieving your goal. And your plan needs to be proper as well as compelling. And as soon as you’re finished with planning, your next job is to, work on it.

7. Be The Decision Maker

Because, In the business world, you need to have this quality of making decisions.

8. Be Persistent

Don’t expect success immediately. Building an empire is not a small thing. And It Isn’t done overnight. You need to be persistent in the endeavor. Keep trying, keep doing, and you will succeed.

9. Group Up With Masterminds

Circle up your surroundings by the smartest people in your profession/field.

10. Transform the desire of sex into the will of achieving your dream.

11. Know How Your Subconscious Mind Works

You need to possess knowledge of your subconscious mind also. All the points like Imagination, Affirmation comes in this. But there are more things, and you should know about them too.

12. Power Of Brain

Your brain is the station of all your thoughts.

13. The Sixth Sense

Furthermore, always listen to your intuition. If you consider making a specific thing in a particular way is right, then do it. Your gut feeling cannot be false.

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Mark Caudill · April 30, 2019 at 12:33 am

Nice post, I read that book a long time ago.

    Kiran Nalawade · April 30, 2019 at 12:43 pm

    Thank You so much. Yes, that book is worth reading. Have a good day…

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