As you guys know the Affirmation means a ‘repetition of thoughts’ that you are giving to your subconscious mind. We do affirmation of only positive thoughts because we know that our subconscious mind doesn’t understand any joke or the difference between good or bad, It takes us on our word. As Dr. Joesph Merphy in his book “The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind” said ‘Think Good and Good Follows, Think Evil and Evil Follows.’ So we better think good only and leave the evil.
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Recently, I was watching a video of John Assaraf on Youtube, and the video was about to “How to train our brain to earn more money”.  In the video he said, Yes It’s possible to train our brain to earn whatever amount of income we want with the help of affirmation. Say If you want to earn 10,000 $ a month, then your affirmation should be like this, Close your eyes and say, “I am so Happy and Grateful for the fact that, I am now earning 10,000 $ a month” and then visualize a mental movie about the life you can live with having 10,000 $ month. Do this affirmation three times a day, In the morning about to 5-10 times, In the afternoon about to 5-10 times, and before going to bed about to 5-10 times, and you are done. Search him on Google, Youtube you will get plenty of useful information and inspiration from him. He is great.

Back to our topic, The affirmation has done a lot for millions of people, So the next are we. You just need to take out few minutes from your busy daily schedule to do this for your own good.
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Affirmation can help us in developing a strong Faith, and faith is required if we want to achieve something in our life. So, As I have previously mentioned in some of my blogs, that there is a scientifically proven way to develop a strong faith is “Repetition of Positive Thoughts” and that is what affirmation is.

We can use affirmation to have well-being in our life. To live the life, we always wanted to live. Peace, Love, Abundance, Harmony, loyalty, Fortune can be all ours if we avail of this powerful weapon called “Affirmation”. I have changed my life with affirmation, and I want to change yours also by providing this information. Let’s discuss a real story, keep on reading.

Once, Dr. Joseph Murphy met a young man in Australia who wanted to become a physician. He was very intelligent and brilliant in his field, but he was financially not able to pay for medical school. His parents were both dead. To support himself, he used to clean doctors’ offices. Dr. Joseph Murphy explained to him his subconscious mind and told him about affirmation. From that day on every night, he started affirming and visualizing as he has become a physician and can see his name in big and bold letters on a medical diploma. He was doing this for about four months. Then one of the doctors whose office he used to clean asked him to become a physicians assistant. The doctor paid for him to attend a training program, where he can learn more about medical skills, then gave him a job as his assistant. The doctor was very impressed by the young man’s intelligence and brilliance that he later helped him through his medical school. And that young man became a prominent doctor in Montreal, Canada.

Now you know the power of affirmation, and it’s miracles. But be sure to feed your mind with only good and positive thoughts, without any doubt. If you feed your mind with negativity or any other bad thoughts that, can harm you or harm others, then, it can be dangerous because your mind will take you at your word. Whatever you impress inside the mind, you will experience it outside in the external world. The positive affirmation can lead you to the fullest of your life, you will get everything you need to live life gloriously. People will say, I have done this and It’s useless, for that, My answer is whatever you affirm becomes a reality, and this is a universal truth. It does not take a long time or specific time to come reality. You should have a strong faith in whatever you affirm, You may see results on the very first day like me.

I hope this blog was helpful and worth reading for you. Like and comment below, on what do you think about this?

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