The words Appreciation and Praise are not just words, they are a love for bringing reality. So many questions like, What does a sincere appreciation mean? How to praise someone genuinely? And what this will bring me? Well, I’ll be answering these questions below!

Firstly, A sincere appreciation means, appreciating something genuinely by heart. For example, If your friend has a good dressing sense and you really like that thing about him/ her, then complimenting him for that is so-called sincere appreciation. It’s just an example.
Secondly, If you found something interested and that catches your attention you should go and praise about that with the same excitement. Praising someone for their achievements, struggles, hard work will make a good impression of yours in their eyes.
Lastly, This appreciation and praise will bring happiness, lots of love, and more joy to your life. Let’s go ahead to know how? I am leaving two scenes by Dale Carnegie below.
AppreciationA) We all know, who Dale Carnegie was, those who don’t know should go and search for him to change their lives. Once a member of one of Carnegie’s classes got requested by his wife. The request was to note six things that he would like to change about her wife to make her a better wife. The husband was surprised by such a request, he said he was able to note out the six things, but he didn’t do so. He told her, he’ll answer her question tomorrow. The next day he got up early and called the florist and send six red roses to his wife with a note saying: ‘I can’t think of six things I would like to change about you. I love you the way you are.’ The same day when he arrived at the home, he got greeted by his wife, with tears in her eyes. This made their relationship stronger.
Appreciation 3

Once a husband and wife went to visit some of their relatives. The wife left her husband to chat with an old aunt of hers. The man knew about the principles and magic of appreciation. So, he thought about to gain some worthwhile experience talking with the old aunt. He looked around the house to see what he could sincerely admire. ‘This house was built about 1890, wasn’t it? he inquired. ‘Yes,’ she replied, ‘that is precisely the year it was built.’ Further, the man’s admiration goes on, and the lady begins to tell the story of her house.
‘This is a dream house.’ ‘This house was built with love. My husband and I dreamed about it for years before we built it. We didn’t have an architect. We planned it all ourselves.’ She showed the man her house from the inside, and he expressed his hearty admiration for the beautiful treasure she had picked up in her travels and cherished over a lifetime. After showing through the house, she took him out to the garage. There was a Packard car in a mint condition. She said, ‘My husband bought that car for me shortly before he passed on. I have never been ridden in it since his death… You appreciate nice things, and I’m going to give this car to you.’
Appreciation 4Firstly he refused to take but later she convinced him to accept that car.
This old lady was living alone in a big house, she had everything except someone’s true admiration. And when she found, this happened what you just read.
I have personally used this key point a lot of times, and it works amazingly.
So now you know the power of Appreciation and Praise. What you have to do is to not to mix this with flattery. Flattery is ridicule. People do understand the difference between Appreciation and Flattery because Appreciation is sincere, it will do good for you while Flattery is insincere, it will harm you. Let’s revise it:

  1. Appreciate Things by Heart.
  2. Always Give a sincere Appreciation.
  3. Use Praise Everywhere.
  4. Forget About the Flattery.

I hope this blog was helpful to you, and you enjoyed while reading. Like and comment below to share your opinions.


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