Hello, Guys, I’m Kiran, and I’m back with the second part of “5 Books which will change your life for sure.” In this book, we’re going to talk about the second book I read in my life which is by far my most favorite book. And it was written by one of my favorite authors of all time, Dale Carnegie. The name of the book is, “How to win friends and Influence People.”

Why so fabulous?

Because In this book, The author has completely given a proven way to win people’s heart and Influence them as you want. This book has 30 principles, 30 principles which will change your life, guaranteed!
We’ll talk over 04 principles, and I’ll shortly explain them. So, Without any further due let’s start.

1) Don’t Criticize, Condemn Or Complain: Criticism is fatal, we all know that. This thing will never do any good for any human being we all know that. The author says, Criticism is like homing pigeons, they’ll always return home. If you criticize someone, somehow that criticism will come back to you. You can call it “Karma” also. Same things go for Condemn & Complaining also.
2) Honest & Sincere Appreciation: Appreciating something you like about people can do magic in your life. Have you ever tried it? If you have then great, But if you haven’t then you must give a try. But what does the author mean by Sincere Appreciation?
Sincere Appreciation is appreciating, praising things you honestly like. Be cautious of flattery! Flattery is precisely the opposite of Sincere Appreciation. Never try to do flattery. Honest Praising can make miracles in your life, and Fake Praising can create more problems in your life.

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3) See Things From Other Person’s Point Of View: Do you want to avoid useless arguments in your life? Do you want to build an understanding between your relationships? Then you must follow this principle.

What does it mean to see things from a person’s point of view?

It is not true that you will always be correct. Sometimes you need to think, why the other person is behaving different or saying something different! There may be a problem going in their life, or they may have any other issue. Or If they want something to be done in any other way, there must be a reason. So, try to understand that. The author also says, If you learn one thing from this book, and that’s this then You acquired the biggest lesson from this book.
4) Be a Good Listener & Encourage others to speak: Have you heard this quote, “The art of conversation lies in listening.” It was said by, Malcolm Forbes. Listening is a quality which is more effective than speaking. It also impacts emotionally. You know, the key to make a frustrated person calm is listening.
When people are frustrated or heartbroken, they want someone who will listen to them, not the who will advise them. It’s my own experience. I’ve heard to multiple frustrated and tensed people, and after hearing to them for a few minutes, I noticed they became calm.
No matter others are excited or sad, most of the times they want someone who’ll listen to them. The author says, “That the people you’re talking to are a hundred times more interested in themselves than you.”
Plus when you’re having a conversation with someone over a good topic, you should encourage them to speak more.

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And believe me this book is Mind-blowing, It can change your life if you implement these principles. I just spoke about 4, 26 are remaining. To read them, you can buy the book from the link below.
Buy Book: How To Win Friends And Influence People

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