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Reading quotes is an easy way to get motivated than reading books or success stories of others. I am not saying you shouldn’t read books, but I’m telling the fact here.

Quotes give us immediate inspiration. A quick realization about something., and maybe that’s why we love quotes.

There are many types of quotes, like Wisdom, Positive, Sad, Romantic, etc. Another quote category is motivational. And In that category, there comes a sub-category (It’s my own logic), which is badass quotes.

These quotes are super motivational and easy to understand. And I’ve gathered 23 quotes for you. I hope you will love them.

 23 Most Badass Quotes, No. 9 Is Amazing

1. “Give The World A Reason To Remember Your Name.”

2. “Even If You’re Going Through Hell Keep Going.” – Winston Churchill.

3. “A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilled Sailor.”

4. “Don’t Be Proud If Everybody Wants You, Cheap Items Have Many Buyers.”

5. “If You Can’t Build With Them, So, Don’t Chill With Them.”

6. “I Have To Be Successful Because I Love Expensive Shit.”

7. “May God Have Mercy For My Enemies Because I Won’t.” – George S. Patton Jr.

8. “I Am Not Single Nor I Am Taken. I Am Busy Building My Own Empire.”

9. “Apparently, When You Treat People The Way They Treated You, They Get Upset.”

10. “Sometimes Life Is About Risking Everything For A Dream No One Can See But You.”

11. “Everyone Wants To Fly First Class. And I Want To Own The Fucking The Jet.”

12. “No Rich Parents, No Assistance, No Handouts, No Favors. Straight Hussle, All Day, Every Day.”

13. “5.00 Am The Hour, When Legends Are Either Waking Up Or Going To Bed.”

14. “Work While They Sleep, Study While They Party, Save While They Spend, And Live While They Dream.”

15. “She Asked Me, What’s Your Favourite Position? I said CEO.”

16. “In 2019 Delete Your Ex. Shut Down Your Crush. Forget Your Past. Reprogram Your Mind. And Freaking Restart Your Life.”

17. “I Am Nice As Fuck, But If You See Me Ignoring Someone, They Earned It.”

18. “The Most Powerful Person? A Broken Man Rebuilding Himself.”

19. “Enjoy The Every ******* Moment Of Your Life, Till You’Re Alive.”

20. “I’m Sweet As Sugar And Hard As Ice. Try To Hurt Me And I’ll Kill You Twice.”

21. “In A World Full Of Fish, Be A Fucking Shark.”

22. Fewer Friends, Less Drama, Less Bullshit. “Keep Your Friend Circle Small.”

23. “Re-set, Re-start, Re-adjust, Re-focus. As many times as you need to. Just Don’t Quit.”

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