How To Improve Your Communication Skills


As you guys know, that Communication is a very important factor in our day to day life. It literally describes a man’s personality. Having good communication skill can make you a great communicator. Recently, I read a very nice line from my F.Y business communication book, that is “It is said that the best communicator is the one who tells you to go to the hell in such a wonderful way, that you look forward to the trip.” In the Indian Mythology story of the Mahabharata, ‘Lord Krishna explains Bhishma, Karna, and Dronacharya the flaws of their lives, and in the end, tells them that it’s the right the time to leave this mankind and they agrees to Lord Krishna’s saying.

With good communication skills, We can win the hearts of friends and influence people very clearly. So let’s go ahead.

1) Being Mentally Ready For Conversation: It has happened a lot of times with me, that I am walking on a road with a lot of running thoughts in my mind, and someone suddenly comes ahead and starts talking to me, and I became blank at that moment. It’s very important to stay mentally ready for conversation because it makes an impression. So, keep this first point in mind because it’s just starting off the conversation.

2) Open & Closed Questions: If you are at a party and you find someone who is attractive, and you want to start a conversation with him/her, then this point can be very effective for you. So let’s know what it is? Open questions make the other person answer in full and closed questions makes the end of the conversation by a short answer.
For example.
Communication 1

3) Encouraging others to talk: Firstly guys I would love to suggest you to read, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. If you want to be a good communicator then always remember, that the other person is a hundred times more interested in talking about himself. Encourage others to talk about themselves, ask them about their accomplishments, life, journeys and they would love to tell you for hours and hours.

4) Always Listen Attentively: So till now you have encouraged the other person to talk, and he is on his way of speaking but what will happen, if you are not paying attention to him. That person will feel nasty because you asked him to tell you about himself and later you are not even listening to him. People like those who listen to them attentively, it makes the other person feel good, they feel like you are really interested in knowing and he will enjoy telling you.

5) Threading: In short, Threading can be called as talking in terms of other person’s interest. This means asking the right questions and listening to other person and picking some points and asking questions about them. For e.g., If Selena is talking about Traveling to different countries and she says, that she loves to travel. Now Rocky should ask questions such as, Which different countries she has traveled to and which was her best traveling experience. By this, he can avail of this awesome technique.
Communication 2

Guys always remember to respect other person’s opinions and to appreciate his good things. Use praise and appreciation while speaking with others. It will not only make you a good conversationalist but it will make them like you. After all, it’s all about human relationships.

I hope this blog was helpful to you, and I have done my best in writing this tips. Be sure to use these tips in your conversations.

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