It happens a lot of times when we have a work to be done, but we feel tired and procrastinate it. Avoiding procrastination is very important because your work needs your focus and concentration. If you fail to win over the habit of procrastination you’re almost failed in doing something big you wish to do. Today, when I was on Pinterest, I found some great ideas about how to make yourself work when you’re not feeling it. After reading those ideas I decided to write more on them, So here I am.

To avoid procrastination follow these steps:

  1. Tell Yourself You’re Starting New: Ever experienced, whenever we start something new, we feel motivated and all charged. Because we know it’s the first time we are going to do that. And mentally we get excited to work. The most important thing all of us do before starting something new, is planning and that planning helps us get motivated. Reminding yourself about those plans and goals where you still have to reach are gonna’ get you to go back to work. New things always bring inspiration with them, but we fail to keep it with us. So telling yourself that you’re starting new will help you a lot in boosting your performance and concentration.
  2. Reward Yourself Before You Begin: Reward yourself with your favorite food or dishes or go and watch your favorite comedy videos. It will make you feel good, and refresh you. A slice of cake, few chocolates, 1-2 comedy videos, etc. by these things you can reward yourself. Rewarding yourself after completing work is also a good idea. When we get rewarded for something, we tend to get addict to it or tend to work more. If you are not that much happy and curious about your work then rewarding can make you become.
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  3. Smiling and Starting Happily: You must start your work feeling happy so you can stay stick to it for a long time until it’s over. A smiling face is a solution for anxiety and stress. As said in the previous tip, watching funny videos and a slice of cake will help you to be happy. A happy and fresh mind is always active and ready to obtain knowledge and to work.
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  4. A Good Body Posture: If you want to stay stick to the work until it gets finished, then you shouldn’t neglect this point. Sit with a proper body position, keep your back straight, shoulders back, chest up and neck straight. A good body posture has a lot of benefits, such as health, more energy, better communication, attractive personality, and confidence, etc. So always keep this point in your mind.
  5. Remember Your Goal: You started with small, but you need to keep pushing yourself to do more. Your goal is still far away and the more you will remind yourself of your goal, the more active and motivated you will feel. Making mental pictures and mental movies about your goals will help you in visualization.
  6. Your Commitment: You will be able to put most of your energy and dedication to your work only if you’re committed to it. Being committed to something means you are not going to leave it, and give up. So, remind yourself that you are committed to your task, and not just interested. There is a far difference between being interested and being committed. So, choose commitment.
  7. Walking & Power Napping: Between your breaks, going for a walk to about 10 minutes or taking a power nap about 10 minutes is better than using those ten minutes to watch T.V or social media. Walking alone, sitting quietly, and power napping are the ways to recharge yourself quickly.

I hope you liked these tips and it was worth reading to you because you gave your time to that. Be sure to like and comment below to share your opinions.

For Remaining Ideas: 14 scientific ways to break this habit.

Now while we are talking about procrastination, So how is it possible to not to talk about Brian Tracy’s book, “Eat That Frog” right? So let’s dive in.

  • “The key to tremendous success is the ability to focus on a vital task, to do it well and to complete it.” If you want good results to come out, then you should focus on one thing at a time. While doing that specific work, contribute all your attention and don’t abandon the work until it’s finished.
  • Motivation needs a motive, right? You must have something to work on, you must have goals and aims to achieve then only you will get motivated and keep working. As I already have mentioned that how important it is to have goals and why to achieve them in your life? in many of my blog posts. You can go and check other blog posts to have a look at them. \
  • A, B, C, D technique to get things done faster. In my last blog, I have written about it, So I am leaving a screenshot below.Capture
    Firstly, take a sheet of paper and write down your to-do list. Secondly, prioritize your work by which is more important and hard. Thirdly, next to the very complex task write A and then write B to the 2nd complex task, and keep doing so. If you have two important and complex tasks, then prioritize them by A1 and A2 and So on.
  • See, Shortcuts and smart work are both different. Shortcuts will lead you to procrastination and laziness. On another side, Smart-work will lead you to success and activeness. Smart-work is following techniques, learning what’s important, and focusing on a single thing. So, choose smart work rather than shortcuts.
  • The Three D’s: 1) Decision: Form a new habit of task completing. Try your best in developing this habit.2) Discipline: You must have heard, “Practice makes perfect” Practice as much as you can to learn the principles that will come in to use. Discipline yourself to practice them regularly.3) Do everything: Do everything that it takes to build a new habit. Give your best with determination.
  • Start seeing yourself in the future. Visualization plays a vital role in inspiring you. Visualize you have become what you always wanted to be, you’re earning 10,000 $ a month or whatever amount you may choose, what life this amount of money will allow you to live, your happy relationships, this all things will inspire you to keep working.
  • Through the mode of visualization, you’re giving a direct message to your subconscious mind, your mind will accept your message, and will bring it to your life. Your subconscious mind is always there to help you, just go and learn how? And I have almost written very much about it in many of my blog posts. In a contribution to that, I would like to suggest to read a book, “The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy. And “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.
  • Planning is a powerful weapon to get the things done faster. Do plan your next day, or next week in advance to get the better results. Brian Tracy has the best principal, and he calls it,”Six Ps.”Six Ps: “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance”-Creating Lists:1) Master list: Write down what you want to achieve in your life, what is your life motto, where you want to see yourself in future. And while writing this have a clear goal.2) Yearly List: Write down what results and improvements you want in this year. Make a clear list of goals.3) Monthly List: Make a list of tasks that can help you to achieve your results. And work on them daily.4) Weekly List: What improvement you expect in this week and a weekly list should contain such tasks that will help you achieve your monthly target. Every list should contain the tasks which will take you to your master list.

Thanks for reading this, I hope you liked this blog and these steps will help you to stop procrastination. Do share, comment, and like this if these tips were helpful for you. And share your opinions below.

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themindconnectory · January 11, 2019 at 10:25 pm

Hi Kiran,
Thank you for sharing this thought provoking article it was such a great read. I particularly love the way you spoke about procrastination being a habit that we must break and that is an excellent way to put it. I am also inspired by the idea you shared of commitment over interest, as a means of keeping you motivated. Excellent work!

I have also provided some tips on overcoming procrastination ( I hope that they can open your perspective just like your writing has opened mine! We should collaborate!

Thanks again for sharing!

    Kiran2000 · January 12, 2019 at 6:21 am

    Yes, my dear friend! Thanks for taking out time to leave your feedback. I truly appreciate it. And also thanks for leaving a link to your article, I’ll be sure to check it out. Have a good day!

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