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You must have heard people saying that ‘Learn to be positive in every situation’ but the problem is how to think positively in every situation? For that, you need to change your mindset to the right one, to the positive one. Now, How to change mindset to the right one? So, let’s go ahead.
A right and positive mindset is the root of your future and every success you are going to achieve. A tree which roots is strong and deep in the earth, live longer and the tree remains on the ground, no matter how hard the wind and rain is. Your mindset is the base of your success journey, you may face many circumstances and sometimes even failure, but you need to be strong and keep moving ahead. A right mindset will grow you, and the wrong one may destroy you. You have to feed your mind with positivity, happiness, love, forgiveness, success oriented, all the things that motivate you, and you’re done.
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Steps To Have A Right Mindset

  1. Know Your Why: Finding Your why is very important. It means, why you want to achieve your goal? What are the reasons for your hard work? And guess what, answers to this questions will be motivating you all the time. Whenever you’ll feel stressed, or distracted from work you’ll be able to tell yourself why did you start? If you have found your passion, then it’s great but if you haven’t, then keep searching for it, until you get. After that ask yourself a question, why you should follow that passion? And the answer to this question will help you a lot to build a right and strong mindset. To know more about this point, and to get motivated, check my blog: Why motivation matters And facts about success.
  2. Your Goal Is Everything: You found your passion, you got interested in it, but now it’s to time be committed to that passion. Start affirmation and visualization of your goal. You need to be focused and dedicated to your goal. Take action on it, keep working, make it a priority, affirm and visualize that you are already in possession of it. with this, you are building a success-oriented mindset. Feed your mind with thoughts such as you are capable of working more harder, you deserve to be great and you’re great, you possess everything that success requires. Keep working, keep looking for new ideas and work to change those ideas into reality. If you do this, then you’ll never need any external motivation.
  3. Learn From Past: We change our mindset and builds a new one because we didn’t have it from the very first. The mistakes we have done in the past are the things that we need to improve now. The reason for our failure was the wrong mindset we had. You must have heard, “People with worst past makes the best future” yeah I agree. Because they learn from their past, they commit their self to improve, commit their self to not to repeat the same mistakes twice. Trust me the failure you had in the past is going make you, build you, only if you don’t give up. What things caused you to fail in an achieving specific goal, except giving up on them, work on those things. The more you’ll improve your skills, the better you’ll be.
  4. Upgrading To Growth Mindset: There are two types of mindsets. One is a growth mindset, and the other one is a fixed mindset. Growth mindset will always help you in growing beyond your limits, and fixed mindset will always keep you off limits. And those limits are made by those people who failed in their life. Choose the right people to spend your time with. Hangout with those who think like you or more better than you. Recently, I read a quote, “If you are the only smart one in a room, then probably you are in a wrong room.” Your surrounding matters a lot, the five people you spend your most of the time with, use of computer and mobiles for self-help, books for life-changing wisdom, podcasts, and all the other positive & powerful things which exist. Get yourself surrounded by them and them only.
  5. Meditation: Meditation is a great way to have positivity in life. And it helps a lot in changing and in having a right mindset too. If you’re new to meditate then meditating for 30 – 60 seconds is also enough, while meditating, do breath counting, affirmation, and visualization in the last. Affirm and visualize those things for which your mindset will lead you. Meditation also helps in reducing stress, improving concentration, improving happiness, controlling your thoughts, and it makes you a person who is thankful and grateful for what he has. It makes you grateful and thankful I said because I have experienced it when you open your eyes after 5-10 minutes of meditating you feel like heaven, and you smile long. Even my friends also agree with me on this.

    5 Steps For Strong Mindset
    5 Steps For Strong Mindset

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Watch this motivational video by Team Fearless: Your Mindset Is Everything

Some of you guys must be wondering the title of this blog is, “How to have a positive thinking” then why so long information about mindset, See if you are positive by mind then you will stay positive in every condition of life. We’re here to be positive once and for all, from now on you are going to be filled with positivity.

How To Bring Positivity In Life

  • Your surrounding matters a lot as I mentioned it earlier. You should be living, spending your most of the time with positive people doing positive things. Remember, there is no place for negativity, hatred, jealousy in your life. Stay away from those who give you negative vibes. Spread positive thoughts, the more positivity you’ll spread, the more positive atmosphere you’ll experience. Don’t think about anything which may harm you or harm others, make yourself a peaceful person. A calm person is always a wise person. I don’t mean to say a shy one, but a calm and peaceful one. Anger, fights, arguments, overthinking, and criticism are ways to harm yourself. As Dale Carnegie said, ‘Criticism is like homing pigeons, they always come back to home.’ Criticism is ridicule, stay away from it. Don’t do anything that may give you a feeling of negativity. Be positive, do positive, spread your positive vibes with others, they’ll feel good too. Now, what if you are receiving bad vibes from your own home. because you may leave your friends if they are giving you bad vibes and make new ones but what about family, right, how you can change them, I personally have experienced this from school time since my big brother started drinking and creating problems. It was years of depression and still he is addicted to it. Can say that I am still suffering, but now my mindset has changed to the growth one, I am committed to my goals and learned to fight with depression and to be positive in every situation. And in the last I am thankful for all those things because I learned to be patient, to control my anger. While all these bad things were happening, I never used to do overthinking, yeah there was a time I cried, screamed, got totally fed up and sick. Thanks to the computer, I learned a lot through use of a computer. I always loved to read, watch motivational videos, movies, and to learn something new. What you can do in such situation is to mind your own business, keep your friend circle small and only of those positive ones, stay to stick to reading, motivational videos, and podcasts. Once you become committed to something, there you are, no matter how much depression and distraction is in your way, you’ll find a way to keep going. So, be strong, and keep going.

    Positive Vibes
    Positive Vibes
  • Memories of love from past can make your day and life too, you just need to respond correctly to them. When you start reminding yourself of the memories of your loved ones, it gives you the same feeling as you are still with them. Remind yourself the fun you enjoyed with friends, how much you loved someone, what awesome things you have done till now, and guess what all those memories are gonna give you the positive hopes. At the time of suffering through a hard time or struggling for something makes us feel like we are lost somewhere. During such period, give yourself a time to be alone and quiet for some time. Remind yourself of those awesome memories which you want to keep with you forever. Do it once, and you’ll see the effect exactly at the first time. Do you remember what Dr. Viktor E. Frankl said in his book, ‘Man Search For Meaning‘, “People tend to see only the stubble fields of transitoriness but overlook and forget the harvest of their lives: the deeds they have done, the loves loved, and last but not least, the sufferings they have gone through with courage and dignity.” Never forget your sufferings, your loved ones, even if they are not with you. You have suffered so much till now, don’t give up for few more, think how much you have loved & cared for your loved ones, feel proud of that, think about how much good things you have done till now and these things are gonna give you super positive and good vibes.

  • Be happy, be thankful and grateful for what you have. Practicing happiness, meditation, personal hygiene, always learning, reading books, are the more ways to bring positivity to your life. Practicing meditation is a lot beneficial for your health as well as to your mind, personal hygiene and nice clothes give you a fresh feeling, If you’re busy in learning and doing something you like, you will never feel bored and frustrated. Reading improves your wisdom and positivity in your life. It reduces stress and introduces you to real-life experiences. Visit some new places with your best friends, whenever you’ll be free, try to spend your time with them. I just want to say that don’t forget to enjoy your life. Life is awesome, life gives you both the good and bad experiences, but always choose the good ones, and learn from bad ones. Focus on Self-Improvement, personality development, in short focus on those things which help you to be a better person.
  • Stop worrying and overthinking. Worrying and overthinking is not going to give you anything. If you are suffering from a really huge loss or any tension, then the solution is:
    1. Think what worst is possible.
    2. Mentally accept the worst possible outcome.
    3. Try to improve that worst.
    These 3 techniques are given from Dale Carnegie’s book, “HOW TO STOP WORRYING AND START LIVING.
    If you accept what the worst situation is possible and how you can try to improve that worst, it will make you worry free. As you become free from overthinking, now you will be focusing on improving that worst, right. These are very powerful and really effective techniques to deal with worries and overthinking.
  • Have a strong belief. Believe in yourself, in the power of the universe, in good things, and believe in others. Forgive others, forgiveness is essential to bring happiness into your life. Feed your mind with the thoughts of happiness, love, harmony, peace, and abundance. Do good things to others, as Russell Simmons said, “If you give a good thing to the world, then over time your karma will be good, and you’ll receive good.” You are in this world to live a healthy, happy, and wealthy life. Ask for these things, while asking to, believe you will receive them.
    “What things whosoever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”
    MARK 11:24
    “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”
    Matthew 7:7
    Believe In the things which makes your life happy, and keep doing those things. In your life, there is only positivity, negativity has no place to stay. Allow your mind to accept only positive and good vibes, and train it to reject negative vibes. Understand that you’re beautiful by heart, kindness, nature and by your lovingness. Remember negativity enters in you only when you allow it.

I hope this blog was helpful to you, like and comment below to share your opinions.

Bonus Tip 1: If you say no I can’t do it, then thousands of reasons why you can’t do it will come to your mind, but if you say yes I can do it, then at least 100 reasons, that you can do it will come to you.
Bonus Tip 2: Learn the art of controlling anger, in future you will be thankful for that.
Remember your anger harms your positivity and brings small lots of negativity.

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  1. My favorite part was the stop overthinking section. I am notorious for that. Thanks for the encouragement.

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