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Before you begin to read. I’d love to tell you that this is only for those who work hard in a gym but still fails to gain weight. Those who have a lot of strength and are capable of doing lot push-ups can do this workout. I was also a skinny guy. But was able to do a lot of push-ups but it doesn’t help in gaining size until I knew this. Your strength needs to meet with a perfect mindset as well as with diet. Those who are new to workout will think this is crazy because it is! But guys it’s not for you. You must be able to do at least 60 push-ups on the first day. And believe me, this is true and will be beneficial for you.

The Push-ups Game

5 Kg Weight In One Month.

  • Rest: Rest is a vital factor when it comes to fitness. Take sleep of 8-10 hours a day.

Once your strength meets with a Perfect mindset and perfect diet then your all ready for this challenge. As after reading this you must have gotten that this is push-ups game. Yeah, it is! And some of you must be thinking this is easy or some may be thinking this is hard. But it is not at all hard, yeah, if you’re able to do 60 push on the first then this all is easy for you. In the first week increase your push-ups by 10 each day. From the second week increase your push-ups by 30 after every three days.(Mon, Tue, Wed) And once you’re on this schedule, it’ll be easy and worth in the end. I used to do this workout with my friend, and he got the same result like me. (5 kg in one month.)
I have one suggestion for all the readers before you say this is so good or so rubbish, try. Just try this, and in one week you’ll see the result. Then continue…
The diet I have given is the same what I used to take… It’s not so costly.

Your strong mindset and this diet is your protein, creatine, and everything that people use to take to gain weight.
Have a perfect mindset, and It’ll help you to build your dream body. Feed your mind by fitness, workout motivation, see your future-self having your dream body. Think you’re growing every day, you’re workout is bringing satisfaction to you and in the end, it will.

I hope this infographic will be helpful for you. Do share this if you really liked it and leave your opinions below on what you think about it.


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