Difference between ego and self-respect

Self-Respect is about knowing your worth. It’s about being independent. It’s about keeping your words. For example, you need money to buy an asset which will give you money in the long run. Okay, So you ask a friend for money and promise him that you’ll return it after 3 months, then you buy the asset and when it pays off. You give the money back …

How to gain 5 kg weight in one month for boys

Once your strength meets with a Perfect mindset and perfect diet then your all ready for this challenge. As after reading this you must have gotten that this is push-ups game. Yeah, it is! And some of you must be thinking this is easy or some may be thinking this is hard. But it is not at all hard, yeah, if you’re able to do 60 push on the first then this all is easy for you. In the first week increase your push-ups by 10 each day.