Before getting to know how to improve your communication skills, Firstly, let’s talk about why do they even matter? And Why one should work on improving his communication skills?
Firstly, communication is a vital part of our life. This thing literally describes one’s personality. People judge you by the way you speak. No matter how handsome or pretty you look, If you fail while communicating, you’re going to lose your impression. So, It’s necessary that one should focus on improving his communication skills.
Now let’s talk about, How?

Wait, before that, Let me tell you an interesting thing. Yesterday, I read a line from my old F. Y. Business Communication book, “It is said that the best communicator is the one who tells you to go to the hell in such a wonderful way, that you look forward to the trip.” And this sentence blew my mind away.
You know what guys, what happened in, Indian mythology of “Mahabharata.” During the war, Lord Krishna speaks the truth and explain the flaws of Bhishma, Guru Drona, and Karna’s life to all of them. And In the end, Lord Krishna tells them that It’s the right time to leave this Mankind, and they all agree to his sayings. It was just like the lines I read from my old book. They were on their track to heaven.
To the people who don’t know who these three were, so guys, Bhishma, Guru Drona, and Karna were the strongest warriors in Mahabharata who were fighting from Kauravas side. In the Indian history, the war happened between Pandava and Kourava is called, “Mahabharata.” So, now some of you may say that he is a god, he can do anything. Yeah, he can do anything but the thing is the way he did that. It was his communication. He spoke the truth and spoke in such a wonderful way that all those had to agree with him. You too can convince anyone if you have such communication skills.
Now we’ll see the steps.

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So, Let’s Go

  • Listening Is An Art – You may say, What Kiran? You were supposed to talk about communication skills, and now you’re talking about listening. Yes, my dear friend, because listening is an art. If you want to improve your communication skills, you’ve to adopt this genius quality. Remember every person with whom you communicate has a lot to tell you. And when you carefully listen to that person, he feels that this guy is giving attention to what I’m saying and he starts liking to be around you. This quality is a sure way to make people like you. And it’s my guarantee.

    “The art of conversation lies in listening.” – Malcolm Forbes 

  • Care About Other Person: While communicating you shouldn’t say anything which may hurt others. Nor you shouldn’t speak about the things which they don’t like or which may make themselves feel insecure. Firstly, you must have an idea about another person’s preference. If you talk about things which may make themselves feel insecure, they’ll avoid talking to you as well you’ll lose your impression. So, make sure not to speak anything which may hurt others or put them into defensive side.
  • Make People Get Interested In Conversation: How? Very simple, “Talk about the things they like. Talk about what other people treasures the most.” If you do this, they’ll not just get interested in communication but will start liking you also, 100%. I’m following this formula for 2 years, and It has worked magic for me. And It’ll do magic in your life also. To illustrate this, let’s say, I have a friend named Omkar. Omkar is interested in Wholesale Business and Travelling. So, If one day I meet Omkar then I’ll be talking about wholesale business or traveling. I’ll ask questions like Bro, how was your Kerala trip? What are you planning for your next trip? Will you give me some tips about traveling? I hope you guys are getting me.
    Now, I understand that many people may have difficulties following this step, because, everybody wants to talk about themselves only. They don’t care about others. But guys, to be the best, you’ve to follow this step. And believe me, If the person you’re talking to cares about you, He/she will ask about you also. They’ll give you a chance to speak for sure.
  • Encouraging Other Person To Talk & Building A Rapport: Well, this step is similar to the previous one, but in the previous one, we talked about getting others interested in conversation, and this is about encouraging them to speak & building a rapport.
    How will you encourage?
    1) By asking appropriate questions.
    2) Agreeing with what they’re saying.
    3) Listening carefully to them.
    4) If you don’t understand something, then you should say, Sorry but I don’t understand, will you please repeat it. It makes them feel more active in the conversation.
    Now, how will you build a rapport?
    First, let’s know what does rapport means. Rapport means communicating in such a way that it will help you build relations with others. In this, you understand another person’s feelings. It’s all about emotional connection.
    Some points to build a rapport:
    1) Attitude: If you have an angry or sad attitude, no matter how much you try to hide it people can see it on your face while talking. And this will stop you from forming a rapport. So, instead, you should have a warm, confident and positive attitude which will help you in making an emotional connection.
    2) Synchronization: You should look for what’s common in each other. And then talk about it. Here, the word synchronization stands for, “Sync for common things to form a rapport.” To illustrate this, have a look here:
    Three V’s Of Communication:
    3 V's Of communication
    1) Visual (Mirroring): Copy other person’s body language. For example, If they’re leaning forward to talk to you, then you should also do the same. But don’t overdo it, or it’ll look weird.
    2) Vocal: If someone is telling you something interesting with big excitement, then you should also reply to him with the same tone of voice. It’s about syncing tone of voice.
    3) Verbal: It means what words you’re speaking. Basically, in communication words doesn’t matter much. In human communication, 93% is Body language & Tone of voice and rest 7% are your words.
    (I learned this 4 points from Seeken)

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Extra Mini Tips

I said, mini tips but it doesn’t mean that they are less useful.
1) Always smile while communicating. (not always but depends on the situation & don’t overdo it or you’ll look weird.) But remember, A smile is a powerful gift we humans have, Use it.
2) Make Eye Contact.
3) Parroting: Repeating the last words spoken by other people.
4) Have a good body language.
5) Use appreciation. Don’t forget the power of it.

So, guys, these were some tips to boost your communication skills. I hope you people enjoyed reading this blog, and the time you have given to read this blog was worth it.
If it was, then please share it with your friends using the sharing buttons below. Share it as much as you can, because sharing is caring. And also leave comments below how much you liked it & what are your thoughts on this. I’ll reply to all of you.
So, Bye, for now, will meet you with next blog! Stay blessed!

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Vishwas · January 19, 2019 at 9:37 pm

Its an amazing work. Its littraly 3 am . Nd i am not able to stop to give an reply. Its really amaming . I really liked it.

    Kiran Nalawade · January 20, 2019 at 7:59 am

    I appreciate it my friend. And I’m glad you liked it! Thanks for giving your time to read… Have a good day!

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