Be The Best Version Of Yourself

The tips below will surely help you.

These tips are actionable means they are not just lines to sound good. But you can immediately start implementing it.

Tips On Time

1. Start Valuing Your Time: Your Time Is Precious, don’t waste it doing something completely useless.

2. Stop Procrastinating: Procrastinating is worse. You may feel good while doing it, but later you may need to work more.

3. Make A To-Do List: It will increase Your Productivity.

4. Make A Not-To-Do List: It will decrease unwanted time spend.

5. Prioritize Your Work: Prioritizing your work is very important. If you do so, your most critical work will get done first. Prioritize your work using these methods. 

6. Make Deadlines: Make deadlines for your work, or it will take longer to get done.

7. Don’t Live In The Past: The past has gone. The more you will think about it, the more it may hurt.

8. Plan For Future: Don’t live a life without caring about your future. You need to have direction in your life.

9. Live In Present: Live in the present time. I’d say, learn from past, plan for future, and live in the present.

Tips For You

10. Be Genuine. Be Yourself: Stop being a fake personality. Nobody likes to be with a person who is always is being fake.

11. Be Confident: Confidence is the key to become successful in almost everything.

12. Be Kind: It doesn’t cost to be kind to others, and it’s benefits are a lot. Therefore, always be generous.

13. Start Exercising: Feel happier, be fit, get a lot of health benefits only by exercising.

14. Start Yoga: Increased mindfulness, flexibility, and reduce the risk of getting unwell only by doing yoga.

15. Start Meditation: It helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts. It also makes you more positive and happy.

16. Respect Everyone: I follow a pretty simple formula, “Respect others, and they will respect you.”

17. Be Positive: Being positive in life can make your life much happier. It will also help you in relations as well to fight worse period.

18. Love Yourself: It is necessary for you to love yourself. You need to learn how to enjoy your own company.

19. Stop Being Negative: Nothing is more is worse than being a negative self. It will keep harming you in every aspect.

20. Be Honest: It shows you’re confident and courageous. People tend to trust more on an honest person.

21. Always Smile: It shows you’re friendly and kind. Also, people tend to like and spend time with those who are kind.

Peace & Happiness

22. Live Peacefully: Imagine a life with no worries, no mental stress, no anger, wouldn’t it be so relaxed. You can live a life like that if you start practicing to live in peace.

23. Be Grateful For What You Have: Yes, Be grateful for what you have. It will improve your peace also. And it will help you realize the importance of the things you have too.

24. Surround Yourself With Good People: Do you know, you’re the average person of the five people with whom you spend your time. So, surround yourself with positive and successful people.

25. Do Things Which Make You Happy: Don’t do something which you don’t enjoy just because others want you to do it. Do what makes you happy, and your work will be much better.

26. Spend Some Time With Your Family: Spend some quality times with your family, and believe me, nothing will be more pleasureful than that.

27. Play With Kids: You know what? I play with kids a lot, and that gives me so much happiness. I don’t know any practical benefit of this, but I’m sure about the fun. If you don’t think so, why don’t you try it?

28. Hangout With Your Good Friends: The quality time spent with your friends is priceless. It gives you happiness, and memories also.

29. Go For A Vacation: Did you Spend a whole year working and studying? How about going on a vacation? It will refresh you completely.

30. Think About Good Things: The great Napoleon Hill said, “Think Good And Good Will Follow.” And believe me, it will.

31. Keep doing good deeds: The sayings are simple. “Do good, and you will receive good. And Do evil, and you will receive bad.”

32. Have Hopes: I know that sometimes life goes into the direction which you never wanted. In such situations, losing hopes can cause you more hurt. But having faith can keep you going and may give you more strength.

33. Build A Habit Of Giving: It will make you happier, as well as satisfied. And yes, don’t always think about getting returns. Give things away without expecting anything in return.

Intelligence & Wisdom

34. Read At Least Five Pages Every Day: Read books, novels, or newspapers, in short, whatever you like to read. My suggestion will always be to read books.

35. Work Smart: Did you get a lot of work to get done? Or critical work? You can make it easy and less time consuming if you start working smart instead of sweating out.

36. Have Some Self-respect: You should know what’s your worth. And you must respect yourself. If you don’t know how deserving you are, you will almost fall for everything.

37. Get Rid Of Your Ego: The ego is ridiculous. As long as you keep it in you, it will never stop harming you.

38. Learn About Subconscious Mind: By this, I mean to learn about your mind. The concept of belief, visualization, and affirmation. It will also help you understand the law of attraction.

39. Care About Other Person’s Emotions: When you start caring about another person’s emotions, you start hurting others less. You hurt almost no one.
It makes you realize that if I say something weird, another person may feel wicked. Therefore, you say no such thing.

40. Don’t Believe In Rumors: If you didn’t see something from your own eyes, don’t hold in it. And for god sake, when you don’t believe in it, don’t spread it.

41. Have a Mentor: We all need a mentor in our lives. From him, we can learn many things. A mentor is a person who always supports you and motivates you when you’re feeling depressed. He shares his knowledge and experience with you.

42. Accept Change: I know that sometimes things change, even people, and it hurts. But the only way to stop being hurt is to accept the change.

43. Never Stop Learning: You need to learn throughout your life. To know the importance of learning, Click here.

44. Spread Positivity: The more positivity you will spread, the better positive atmosphere you will build for yourself.

45. Be Loyal To Others: If some trusts you, be loyal with them.

46. Be Loyal To Yourself: First, be loyal to yourself. If you fail to be, there is no way you are going to be faithful to others.

47. Never Depend On Anyone: Be independent. You can get things done by yourself.

48. Never Get Attached To Someone Too easily: I don’t mean you shouldn’t get attached. But, take your time. Otherwise, it may hurt your feelings.

Tips On Being Successful

49. Improve Your Communication: Communication has always been, and it will forever remain one of the most important factors of personal development.

50. Find A Hobby Which Will Make You Money: We all have a hobby, but the sole hobby isn’t going to meet our needs if it doesn’t make any money. Hence, find a hobby, master it with dedication, and make money out of it.

51. Find Work That Will Keep You Creative: Your work should be creative, So it can help you think creatively.

52. Appreciate Others: It’s the guaranteed principal to make others like you. If you don’t want to lose your closed ones, never stop appreciating their existence.

53. Compliment Others: If you see someone achieved something, or just they’re looking good, why not go ahead and compliment them.

54. Stop Giving Up: If you start something, don’t let anyone, anything stop you from finishing it. No matter the situation, keep going and finish it. You never know how close you’re from your dreams.

55. Give Your Best In Everything You Do: If you desire to do some great things, you should be willing to give your best in it.

56. Follow Your Intuition: Listen to your intuition, listen to your gut feeling, more than you listen to people. Always do, and follow the path your heart wants not what others.

57. Get Inspired <- then -> Inspire Others: When you start doing things and meeting people who uplift you, you will feel confident and inspired. As you get inspired, don’t forget to share the inspiration with others, cause’ it will help both of you.

58. Don’t Let Other’s Discourage You: Other’s will only be successful in dragging you down when you let them do so. The power is in your hand. If you believe, what you do is right then it must be.

59. Don’t Let Other’s Make Decisions For You: It’s your life, get in charge of it, or others will start controlling it. You’re capable of making your decisions, don’t you?

60. Decide What You Exactly Want and Chase That: If you don’t know what you exactly desire to achieve, you will be forever wandering for it. And still wouldn’t accomplish it.

61. Make Decisions Quickly: It’s a skill, it’s a quality, and it’s essential. You need to learn how to make decisions quickly.

62. Start Visualization: Visualize how your life will be when you reach your goal.

63. Start Affirmation: Affirmation helps a person a lot to get into a good mental state. You can start affirming things you want to have in your life. It goes like this – I am a calm, positive, and mentally stable person.

64. Build Commitments: Build a habit of making commitments with your work and relations. It will never let you go out of control.

65. Reward Yourself For Your Success: After completing the major tasks, reward yourself. You deserve it, cause’ you worked for it.

Avoid Unwanted & Negative Things

66. Stop Being Negative: Nobody likes to be around a negative person. I assume you too wouldn’t like to be with negative energy.

67. Avoid Society’s Rules. (Don’t Give A **** About Them): Live your life by your own rules. Take advice from people whom you admire. If you obey society’s way, you’re going to ruin your own life.

68. Never think about evil things: “Think good, and good follows, Think evil, and evil follows.” So, why to invite evil things to happen by continually thinking about it.

69. Don’t Live In The Past: Remember this, “Don’t think about your past because you don’t live there anymore.”

70. Don’t Get Addicted To Anything Harmful: Alcohol, drugs, sex are not the things to get addicted to.” If you want to get addicted to something, get addicted to success.

71. Avoid Negative People In Your Life: The more you let the negative people stay in your life, the more your life is going to be depressing.

72. Don’t Believe In Rumors: Don’t trust the flying rumors. If you want to know the truth, get yourself acquainted with the facts first.

73. Stop Being Jealous.

74. Stop Criticizing Others: Once the great Dale Carnegie said, that criticism is fatal. It’s like homing pigeons they always return home.


75. Take Good Sleep: Good sleep can improve your activeness, concentration, as well as productivity.

76. Eat Healthy Food: It reduces the chances of getting sick, as well as improves your memory, makes bones stronger, and gives you a healthy life.

77. Go For A Walk: Had a tough day? Going out for a walk may help. It helps to manage body pain, diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

78. Have A Good Body Posture: It reduces the back pain, neck pain and increases the energy level.

More Tips To Be The Best Version Of Yourself

79. Help Others.

80. Practice Forgiveness.

81. Be Persistent.

82. Overcome Depression.

83. Be Disciplined.

84. Take Actions On Your Plans.

85.  Find Your Purpose.

86. Make Eye Contact While Talking.

87. Encourage Other’s To Talk.

88. Never Break Someone’s Trust.

89. Build A Strong Mindset.

90. Be Funny.

91. Talk Gently.

92. Always Smile.

93. Improve Your Personality.

94. Have A Good Dressing Sense.

95. Good Hygiene.

96. Go For A Vacation.

97. Be Adventures.

98. Talk Nicely With Aged People.

99. Have A Good Attitude.

100. Control Your Anger.

And At Last

101. Spend Some Time Alone Talking To Yourself.

End Of The Blog

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