How To Be Impressive & Attractive!


Well, we all know that the first impression is the last impression, but however, sometimes we fail to conquer that. The rest of the time, we all think that we are perfect, and will make an amazing first impression, but fortunately fails to do so. Having an awesome personality, A personality which will blow people’s mind will surely help you in being impressive.
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For that, I am leaving some important tips below that will surely help you, in being impressive and to conquer that first impression.

1. Personal Hygiene: This point comes very first because it’s the starting. Your look matters, I mean to say people will surely notice that how well you take care of yourself. Bath daily, brush your teeth, wash your face twice a day, cut your nails or maintain them neatly, have a good hair-style, grooming, Use deodorants, and body sprays.

2. Dress Well: Your dressing sense, and how well you dress is the next point people are going to notice in you. Always wear nice clothes. Iron your clothes timely, have a nice wardrobe, and good dressing sense. New and ironed clothes will give you an active feel. A man should be in a presentable manner all day long. whatever you are putting up, wear nicely.

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3. Body Posture: Have a good body posture. The way you stand and walks matters a lot. Always stand straight, chest out and your hands relaxed. While walking walk straight, move your hands slowly and walk slow. Your body posture literally describes you, If you stand straight, it shows you’re confident, If you don’t, it shows that you lack confidence. So be careful and have a good body posture.
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4. Communication: You must be good at communicating. It’s the main point. The way you talk with another person is gonna describe you. Get to know How to speak gently, how to start and end the conversation. Improve your communication skills, be a good communicator. To be better at communication skills, check out my blog: Improve Your Communication Skills

5. Smile & Attitude: Always smile, a smile from another person can change your mood, and your smile can change others mood. This little miracle making smile is free to share. Your smile says respect for another person. Smiling can make you more attractive, approachable and lovable to talk. And Smiling is a lot beneficial for health also. Carry a genuine and calm attitude with you. Focus on your own things, give priorities to your work.

6. Manners: This means behaving well while you are hanging out with friends or you are away from your place. Talking gently with everyone, respecting everyone, or at any time your behavior will matter for sure. Use appreciation and praise while talking.

And while following these tips be sure to be genuine. Always be yourself, and you’ll be loved for being yourself. I hope this blog was helpful to you. like and comment below to share your opinions.


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