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Happiness first

Happiness and Inspiration in life

Yeah, you need to find yourself, your passion, your love. I ask, Who are you? What’s your purpose in this life? Do you possess it or not? What’s that one thing that remains to you awake all the night? What if I arouse you up in the middle of the sleep and interrogate you about these questions or about your business, job, work, etc? Will you be able to tell me in details? If you can then no problem but If you can’t then there is a problem. A problem that needs to your attention. happiness is around the first thing to achieve.

Peace 2 - A peaceful man

How peace can be achieved

Peace is not a thing to search for. You will never find peace unless you stop searching for it. Because it’s within you, yeah it’s within you, and you even don’t know it. It can only be felt, felt from the bottom of your heart. To achieve this peace of mind you don’t need to leave your home, your desires and go on a mountain for that. No, not at all. It comes from how you respond to other things. – peace, peace of mind, happiness, stop worrying, enjoy, expectations and assumptions.


How to gain 5 kg weight in one month for boys

Once your strength meets with a Perfect mindset and perfect diet then your all ready for this challenge. As after reading this you must have gotten that this is push-ups game. Yeah, it is! And some of you must be thinking this is easy or some may be thinking this is hard. But it is not at all hard, yeah, if you’re able to do 60 push on the first then this all is easy for you. In the first week increase your push-ups by 10 each day.


Why motivation matters and facts about success.

Being mentally powerful is always better. Worse circumstances, Lack of financial condition, and Criticism can never be a reason for failure. A man is capable, to do more than his limits. If he has a strong desire to achieve, then he is unstoppable. All the circumstances that come in your life make you stronger. So be thankful for them and concentrate on life’s coming happiness. Learn to face your problems, grow beyond them and make your dreams come true. Nothing is more powerful in this world than your desire. Have a burning desire, believe in your goals and believe you will achieve them, Affirm and visualize your goal, feel you’re already in possession of it, dig deep in your field, be a master of that field, work hard and success will come to you because you deserve it.


Four Tips To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is the one who has many income sources to generate his money. He is the one who doesn’t work hard like labor but smart like a wise man. He never depends on a single income and his business is everything for him. He is success-oriented, money conscious, and willing to work. An entrepreneur makes a business plan, prioritize his work, hates procrastination, grabs the hidden opportunities, and achieves his goal. He is always hungry for knowledge, hungry for making more money, hungry for improving himself, and that entrepreneur is you who are reading this.

Positive Girl

How To Have A Positive Thinking

A right and positive mindset is the root of your future and every success you are going to achieve. A tree which roots is strong and deep in the earth, live longer and the tree remains on the ground, no matter how hard the wind and rain is. Your mindset is the base of your success journey, you may face many circumstances and sometimes even failure, but you need to be strong and keep moving ahead. A right mindset will grow you, and wrong one may destroy you. You have to feed your mind with positivity, happiness, love, forgiveness, success oriented, all the things that motivate you, and you’re done. – think positively, positive, love, mindset, goal, past, meditation, happy, reading books, health, wealth.


How To Stop Procrastination

It happens a lot of times when we have a work to be done, but we feel tired and procrastinate it. Avoiding procrastination is very important because your work needs your focus and concentration. If you fail to win over the habit of procrastination you’re almost failed in doing something big you wish to do. Today, when I was on Pinterest, I found some great ideas about how to make yourself work when you’re not feeling it. After reading those ideas I decided to write more on them, So here I am.

cool bro

Five Ways To Boost Your Confidence!

Hey guys, as you all know that, in every aspect of life, if we want to accomplish something or to do something different, the confidence plays a very important role. Many people become afraid to do something different because of the lack of confidence in themselves. This kills their inner faith to do something different. It almost happens with every one of us at the first time. But those who face that situation, grow beyond that, and those who don’t, become nothing.


The Magic Of Appreciation & Praise

Firstly, A sincere appreciation means, appreciating something genuinely by heart. For example, If your friend has a good dressing sense and you really like that thing about him/ her, then complimenting him for that is so-called sincere appreciation. It’s just an example.

Secondly, If you found something interested and that catches your attention you should go and praise about that with the same excitement. Praising someone for their achievements, struggles, hard work will make a good impression of yours in their eyes.


How To Be Impressive & Attractive!

Well, we all know that the first impression is the last impression, but however, sometimes we fail to conquer that. The rest of the time, we all think that we are perfect, and will make an amazing first impression, but fortunately fails to do so. Having an awesome personality, A personality which will blow people’s mind will surely help you in being impressive.
1. Personal Hygiene: This point comes at very first because it’s the starting. Your look matters, I mean to say people will surely notice that how well you take care of yourself. Bath daily, brush your teeth, wash your face twice a day, cut your nails or maintain them neatly, have a good hair-style, grooming, Use deodorants, and body sprays.


The Power Of Affirmation.

As you guys know the Affirmation means a ‘repetition of thoughts’ that you are giving to your subconscious mind. We do affirmation of only positive thoughts because we know that our subconscious mind doesn’t understand any joke or the difference between good or bad, It takes us on our word. As Dr. Joesph Merphy in his book “The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind” said ‘Think Good and Good Follows, Think Evil and Evil Follows.’ So we better think good only and leave the evil.