About helpingisforever

Helpingisforever first started in 2018. Then due to some practical problems It wasn’t performing good and was shut down for a month.

But It wasn’t shut forever. Cause when I started this website, I had a damn commitment with it.
I was clear that I’m gonna make helpingisforever a light of hope for anyone looking for emotional and mental support.

That this website is going to motivate the fuck out of people who want inspiration.
With inspiration, I’m also going to share positivity and peace with my dear readers through my articles.

Let me tell you this from the beginning.

The Beginning

I created my first website back in 2017. How? I didn’t know anything about website developing,

Somehow, I got crossed with WordPress Advertisement saying create a free website. So, I did click on it and here begun my blogging journey.

In the first year, I posted around 20 blogs which received huge love from all the readers.