You’ll be amazed after reading all the five parts of this series. Because, when I started reading, and the first five books I ordered are my favorite books. I read them in excellent order. And I wish you to do the same.
One will teach you the meaning of your life.
The second one will teach you the value of appreciation and praise.
The third one will tell you how awesome your mind is.
The fourth one will teach you how to build a business and get rich?
And lastly, the fifth one will tell you how to eliminate the word worry from your life.
So, without any further due, let’s start!

1. Man’s Search For Meaning.

It is the first non-fiction book I read in my life. I ordered it from Amazon in the summer vacations of 2017. I found out about this on YouTube, where a guy was telling Its summary. The book summary made me curious to read this book.

About what this book is?

Man’s Search For Meaning is a story of Dr. Viktor E. Frankl. He was there in a Concentration Camp for almost three years. To those who don’t know what a concentration camp is, let me tell you. It means, Imprisoning a large number of people in a small area. Where they’ll have no proper food, but a labor work to do. And If they don’t do that well, they were headed to the gas chamber. In short, you can call it a Jail or Hell, both. Auschwitz Concentration Camp was the dangerous one. Almost, 1.1 million people died in this camp. The author was also there, but he survived.

What did I learn from this book?

The very first thing I learned was The power of hope. In these concentration camps, millions of people died. Many died cause’ they had no hope of escaping. They lost the will to live. In the book, the author has mentioned a scene where his friend dies because of typhus, but the author says that he died cause’ of losing his hope.
Isn’t’ it true that how often we condemn the life we live. How often we are like, oh Fuck, my life is useless or worst! And I’m the most pessimist, unlucky, unhappy person in this world. I don’t understand, Why do we do that? Why do people behave like that?
Guys, Imagine the life of the author when he was in the concentration camp. He was living in a place which was no less than a hell. Still, he survived, Why? Because he hoped for a better future. We can also do the same. Our problems are so little if we compare them with the author’s life. So, stop crying and being negative for things which don’t matter. And start living your life with a positive attitude. Always hope for the better future. No matter through what situation you’re going, have hopes for better.
The Second thing I learned was, There are three things which add meaning in your life.

Work | Love | Sufferings

Work: Man needs to do some work. He cannot live a life without working, no matter how rich that person is, somewhere at some point he will realize that there is no meaning in life without work. It could be anything, but he needs to do something.
Love: Author says, “Love is the only way to grasp another human being in the innermost core of his personality. No one can become fully aware of the essence of another human being unless he loves him.”
And believe me, love does add meaning in your life. So, never say love is worst. In reality, it’s beautiful.
If you experience a bad experience in love, then It may not be the right fit for you. Move on, look or wait for better, But don’t get yourself into disbelief.
Suffering: It may sound crazy to you or unbelievable, but It’s true. All the critical circumstances you suffered from or suffering from is going to add meaning in your life. When you’ll create a better future for yourself and look back to the painful moments of your life, You’ll understand that those sufferings weren’t unmeaningful.

So, Guys, I hope you liked this first part of this blog series. Though, If you’re new to reading non-fiction books, you may feel boring while reading it. But, keep reading cause’ the lesson you’ll learn will be worth learning. And Subscribe to our blog to get the notifications for more updates as well share it a lot cause that’s the real way to show your love.

You can buy this book from here: Man’s Search For Meaning.

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