How to gain 5 kg weight in one month for boys

Once your strength meets with a Perfect mindset and perfect diet then your all ready for this challenge. As after reading this you must have gotten that this is push-ups game. Yeah, it is! And some of you must be thinking this is easy or some may be thinking this is hard. But it is not at all hard, yeah, if you’re able to do 60 push on the first then this all is easy for you. In the first week increase your push-ups by 10 each day.

Why Motivation Matters and How To Be Successful

Why Motivation Matters? First of all, we all are humans. We feel bad, sad, we get hurt, and sometimes we are depressed. Therefore, in such circumstances, we need motivation. Motivation helps us to do something better, to continue to do that. Motivation helps you to do a thing without any excuses. It helps you to work hard, and keep working. Even if the odds are in your way, it inspires you to finish the task you’re struggling by.